Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In China

If my posts seems rushed and erratic - I am currently behind the "Great Firewall of China" w curtailed net access. Here to learn firsthand more about the economy here.
I can get on blocked websites (which includes Blogger, Facebook, Wordpress, Youtube) about 5 minutes a day. Problem is, I don't even know WHICH 5 minutes. So it is really erratic. 
Really interesting so far. 

Anyway, being here is greatly limiting what I can get done on this project. 
But I think in the long run it is worth it to better understand important aspects of the world economy. I will report when I can, although my focus on this blog is a long term/large scale look at the social sciences and not specifically global economics. OK, I better hit "publish" while I can, I have already been signed in to Blogger for a few minutes, and my Facebook just went down, which means the rest will soon as well. 
More later, Clint 

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