“In spite of the geometric progression in the quantity of scholars who have devoted themselves - more or less totally - to theoretical reflections about planning, both as a practice and as an academic discipline (to the point of founding a new strand or discipline of study, Planning Theory), I think that a diffuse, creeping uneasiness has pervaded all the participants of this discipline.”

(Franco Archibugi. Planning Theory: Reconstruction or Requiem for Planning? 2004 Link)

“This book is an attack on current city planning and rebuilding. It is also, and mostly, an attempt to introduce new principles of city planning and rebuilding, different and even opposite from those taught in everything from schools of architecture and planning to the Sunday supplements and women’s magazines. My attack is not based on quibbles about rebuilding methods or hairsplitting about fashions in design. It is an attack, rather, on the principles and aims that have shaped modern, orthodox city planning and rebuilding.”
Opening paragraph, Jacobs, 1961

Although New Urbanism has made great strides, I think Jacobs' attack is not only still needed in urbanism but in the social sciences more generally. Expand the scope of her paragraph from "planning" to "all of the social sciences" and the paragraph expresses the objective of this website. 

One of the better sites on making healthy cities

It happens to be on my hometown, so I especially enjoy it as I know the areas he writes about. But the site is better than most urbanism websites I have seen even if you don't know the area. And it is especially important as in the US, the challenge ahead for healthy cities will be changing metropolitan areas such as DFW into walkable cities. Even thinking about this herculean task gives me a headache, so kudos to Patrick Kennedy.

Here Campanella can speak of "a swelling perception, especially among young scholars and practitioners, that planning is a diffuse and ineffective field, and that it has been largely unsuccessful over the last half century at its own game: bringing about more just, sustainable, healthful, efficient and beautiful cities and regions. " Campanella 2011  http://places.designobserver.com/feature/jane-jacobs-and-the-death-and-life-of-american-planning/25188/

Pedaling to Work on Their Own Superhighway
Denmark is trying to encourage bicycle commuting to Copenhagen by promoting so-called cycle superhighways Link

What’s the Best Way To Get Users To Embrace Mass Transit?
Make it pleasant? Or make it efficient?
By Tom Vanderbilt|Posted Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012 Link

The Case of the Blighted City. Edward Banfield. 1959. Link  

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